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The school is located in Bhilar near the hill station Panchgani. The school is about 5 km from Panchgani and 14 km from Mahabaleshwar. The scenery is breathtaking. The surroundings are invigorating and thoroughly gratifying. Nature at its best. The weather is absolutely pleasant. The campus is situated between two hill stations which immensely helps the students to meditate and concentrate on their studies and physical activities. It provides ample opportunity for the splendor of nature.

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Bhilar is 1.45 km above sea level, with green and dense vegetation. The main occupation of the people here is strawberry farming. The village is also known as Mini-Israel. Bhilar became India's first "village of books", a concept inspired by Britain's Hay-on-Wye, a Welsh town known for its book stores and literature festivals. Each household in this village maintains a library of its own. Tourists enjoy reading these books. Maharashtra Government has kept these books in every household so that it becomes easy for the tourists to take and read.

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The city of Mahabaleshwar is a pinnacle of greenery, boasting one of the only evergreen forests in the world. The landscape abounds with lush hills, valleys and lookout points such as Lodwick Point, Arthur's Seat and Babington Point, all of which offer spectacular views. Trot along on horseback for a delightful four-legged tour of the gorgeous Venna Lake area, and savour juicy native strawberries, mulberries and corn.

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Mahakali Temple

Wild fruit can be found just about anywhere, from city parks to the side of the highway. Even overgrown lots can be an ideal place to find bramble berries

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What We Stand For :


Our highest priority is the health and safety of the children, paralleled with a commitment to prepare peaceful and beautiful environments in which the students academically flourish and develop social graces, respecting one another and their environment.

Positive Connections

Our vision is to forge strong, positive connections with students so they can achieve independence, build confidence, and gain academic knowledge.

Strive To Prepare

We strive to prepare all students to become lifelong learners and responsible citizens ready to meet the challenges of the future. In partnership with families and community, our goal is to create relevant learning opportunities for students — both inside and outside the classroom — that help them develop the knowledge, critical thinking skills, and character necessary to succeed in a technologically advanced world.